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This page contains links to websites of interest to members of Easternís class of 1961. They are grouped in broad categories. We try to keep this list current but may be limited by information available. If you have any additions or corrections, or encounter any dead links, please notify the webmaster by e-mail.

Special note: This page has not been updated since 29 May 2002 except for the addition of this note and an updated menu. Thus, many of these links are probably dead. As soon as a current page is available, with no dead links, this page will be replaced. Thank you for your understanding.

Eastern High Pages


Eastern High Home Page

This is the official Lansing Eastern High School home page. It is the portal for information about activities, courses, publications, schedules, administration, faculty,alumni, and a host of other things.


Eastern High Alumni Page

This is the official Lansing Eastern High School alumni page. It is the portal for information about each graduating class from 1940 to 2002. Information includes e-mail addresses, reunion postings, and links to individual class sites. Individual class sites are NOT part of the LEHS official site.


Eastern High Alumni Fund

This is part of the official Lansing Eastern High School website. It explains the Alumni Fund.


Eastern High Alumni Letter

This is part of the official Lansing Eastern High School website. This letter from the Alumni Fund's organizational committee further explains the Alumni Fund.

Lansing Capital Area Mass Media


The Lansing State Journal

This is the Lansing State Journal newspaper corporate site. It features local, state, national, and international news, including news, sports, lifestyles, things to do, opinions, classifieds, and more. It supports searches of back issues.


WHTV channel 18 Lansing/Jackson (UPN)

This is the corporate website for UPN affiliate, WHTV, channel 18. It includes home, what's on, contests, event photos, stuff to do, Club Kid, program links, and more.


WILX channel 10 Lansing/Jackson (NBC)

This is the corporate website for NBC affiliate, WILX, channel 10. It includes home, news, weather, sports, community, message boards, movies, restaurants, schools, and more.


WKAR channel 23 East Lansing (PBS)

This is the corporate website for PBS affiliate, WKAR, channel 23, on the campus of Michigan State University. It includes TV schedules, information about their own programs, and more.


WLAJ channel 53 Lansing/Jackson (ABC)

This is the corporate website for ABC affiliate, WLAJ, channel 53. It includes news, weather, sports, programming, Homework Homepage, and more.


WLNS channel 6 Lansing (CBS)

This is the corporate website for CBS affiliate, WLNS, channel 6. It includes NewsCenter6, StormTracker6, 6 On your Side, Sports, Business, the community, Speak to 6, and more. The history section is interesting. This was Lansing's one and only TV station back when we were kids.


WSYM channel 47 Lansing (Fox)

This is the corporate website for Fox affiliate, WSYM, channel 47. It includes local news, weather, sports, health, consumer information, MarketPlace, Investigation, TV Listings, and more.



I have not been able to determine how many of our classmates are registered with AlumniNet. I have had a very hard time getting information out. I just put in and put in and put in some more. If you've had more success with this site than I have, let me know, but I don't recommend it. (JRM)


About 100 of our classmates are registered at this site. It's a pretty nice site, but they want to sell you the information that they have about your classmates. The way they work it, you can't really get any information about anyone without paying for a gold membership. Our class site (www.geocities.com/lehs61) provides much of the same benefit, but is free.


This one is wonderful. It comes very highly recommended by almost everyone. This is an opportunity for us to chat with each other, get connected, exchange files, and all kinds of things. If 100 or more e-mails per month is too much for you, there are options to have it come in batches.

By the way, Barb (Shassbeger) Sleeper is responsible for setting up the Yahoo!Group. Sometimes Jim McManamey gets the credit because he started www.geocities.com/lehs61 about the same time Barb started the Yahoo!Group. Don't forget to give her a fare share of the cudos for our web presence.

Web Presence of Other LEHS Classes


LEHS Class of 1992

This is a Yahoo!Group similar to ours (the class of 1961) but membership is open. Stop in and see what's happening. By the way, I owe a debt of gratitude to Cindy Kangas (LEHS class of '92) for helping me to get our site started.


Lansing Eastern High School
Class of 1992 Missing Alumni

Cindy Kangas and Julie Delgado of Eastern's class of 1992 have put this together. It looks as though they have almost as many missing as we do.

If there are any errors or omissions, please submit them to the webmaster (see below).


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